Francois Bonnet – chiropractor

IMG_2858 e1426634514145 269x300 copyMy  interest in chiropractic was sparked from my family receiving such excellent care from my chiropractor back home. I applied to the AECC and its fair to say I haven’t looked back. After graduating, I seized the opportunity to come and work in the Sherwood and Mansfield clinics to start my professional life. What really struck me about the clinics was the friendly, team atmosphere as well as the constant drive for clinical excellence.

Working with such a wide range of people, helping them get back into a functional and pain free life really is the joy of the job. I use a range of techniques including Diversified Chiropractic Technique, Dry Needle Therapy and Instrument Assisted Myofascial Therapy. I have relished the challenge of tailoring my skills to help all my patients, which makes each and everyday engaging and challenging.

A lifetime of playing a variety of sports led me into taking an interest in sports injury whilst at my time in Bournemouth. I worked with rugby and hockey clubs, as well as gyms around the local area. I enjoyed bring chiropractic to those who didn’t know just how much they could benefit from it. Before my chiropractic life started I was an archaeologist and hold a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology from The University of Liverpool.

I am registered with the General Chiropractic Council and the British Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic Clinics - Staff - Francois
Chiropractic Clinics - Staff - Francois