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Chiropractic Clinics – FREE SCREENING OFFER
Chiropractic Clinics – FREE SCREENING OFFER
Chiropractic Clinics – FREE SCREENING OFFER

Welcome to our Clinics 

You have probably hit our site because you are in pain and want a solution. Your pain may be recent or long term, it may be severe, moderate or just irritating; but the most common reason why people look us op initially is because their pain is now getting in the way of what they want to do. Whether that’s work, hobbies, sport or just being able to do the garden or walk the grandkids to school, we can make a plan to get you back on track.

We have fully qualified practitioners who constantly strive to learn and improve.
We give honest and realistic advice. We can help most of the patients we see, but will tell you if we can’t and point you in the right direction.
We have friendly and professional clinic staff in pleasant surroundings.

This formula has proved successful for over 30 years and the 55.000 patients who we have helped on the way are a testiment to that. As are the regular referrals we get from GPs, surgeons and other medical consultants.
The most common phrase we hear in our clinics is:


To find out if Chiropractic is for you, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to make an appointment for a Free Screening. This is a no-obligation visit where you will be given a brief examination and advice on the best treatment. Obviously no treatment or X-rays will be given, but you will be given an honest opinion on your problem and the chiropractor will tell you whether he or she is likely to help you or not.

You can also browse this site via our home page for much more information about who we are and how we help the thousands of people who come through our clinics.