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Sports Massage Therapy


23063142621_406b822d71_bSports massage is deep tissue massage aimed at helping people recover from sporting activity and enhance performance.

Sports massage is not only limited to people who do sport but is good for anybody looking for a soft tissue massage to reduce muscles pain and tightness.It works particularly well in combination with chiropractic treatment and a lot of our patients have sports massage in between their regular chiropractic treatments to keep their body the best it can.

Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) consists of specific components designed to reduce injuries, alleviate inflammation, etc. for amateur and professional athletes before, during, after, and within their training programmes to prepare the athlete for peak performance.

Our therapists treat a range of athletes including, climbers, runners, cyclists, football and rugby players etc. We also treat people who spend prolonged hours working on computers, at a desk & driving, due to the muscular tension, pain and tightness, that they experience. Occupations that involve repetitive activities & manual work can also benefit from sports massage treatment.
In addition we treat many individuals who are pre or post operative, and can design a personal rehabilitation program, to help you obtain a full recovery.

We use a range of different techniques such as:

Deep Friction Massage
Soft Tissue Release (STR)
Neuromuscular Techniques
Positional Release
Trigger Point Release
Myo-fascial Release
Dry needling
Muscle Energy Technique (MET
FAKTR PM (Functional and Kinetic Rehabilitation with Provocation and Motion)
Ultra soundphysiotherapy-2133286_960_720
Rehabilitation programmes

Our Sports Massage Therapists are:

Paul Wilson (Sheffield)


Abby Wells (Mansfield and Nottingham)