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Faye Wyndham-Crouch – Reflexologist

Aor_Logo_colour_medium1 1Hi, my name is Faye and I am a fully qualified reflexologist working at The Sherwood Chiropractic clinic. My background is in Social Care, working with adults with learning disabilities and, having seen  the positive results that alternative therapies brought to the individuals I worked with, I decided to become a reflexologist.

Since qualifying in 2002 I have treated people of all ages and backgrounds and have witnessed the many benefits that Reflexology has brought to the lives of many.

Have you ever wondered what Reflexology is all about?   Well, most people think that it is foot massage and they would be right!   However reflexology can offer so much more. I like to think of Reflexology as a ‘full body MOT’ as each system, organ and function of the body is mirrored in reflex points on your feet and the stimulation of these reflexes , encourages the body to heal itself, restoring and maintaining  your natural equilibrium.

Reflexology may also help with the symptoms of many health conditions, bring pain relief and is a deeply relaxing and calming treatment.  Treatment lasts around 50 minutes; time for you to relax and unwind and let your troubles drift away.

I am happy to answer any questions that anyone has about reflexology and, by the way, for those of you who think it might tickle – It doesn’t!!

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