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I would recommend anyone suffering as I did to book in for an investigation and take this forward to recovery

I had serious back problems in the late ’80’s and went through a series of hospital investigations including three weeks flat on my back in bed and a suggestion that traction was the next move. At that I followed up a friend’s advice and booked in at Sheffield Chiropractic Clinic. My problems were severe and it took a good while to correct the back but I persisted because of the confidence built up by the staff. After I returned to ‘normal’ I continued to attend the clinic for fine tuning and advice. I am now in my late ’70’s and quite active considering that I have osteoporosis – i walk as much as possible and cycle with the aid of an electric bike. I have seen numerous chiropractors at the Woodseats clinic and have nothing but praise for their skills. I now have sports massage there (which is tough but beneficial) and have been given daily exercises which I attend to rigorously. I also saw an ad for Pilates at the clinic, followed this up, and attend once per week with excellent results. The chiropractors are very knowledgeable and professional and can interpret scans obtained through the NHS in order to put these skills into operation. I would recommend anyone suffering as I did to book in for an investigation and take this forward to recovery.

Ken Phillip
Client at Sheffield Clinic 

I’ve been so impressed by the various treatments I’ve had.

Since my first visit to Ulrik (over 10 years ago) recommended by my GP, I’ve been so impressed by the various treatments I’ve had. I had an old rugby neck injury – sorted. Then back problems – sorted. Then I was seen by Ed and he sorted back, neck and shoulder cuff and now a knee niggle before a trek. I’m not a hypochondriac indeed I’m known as a fit old bloke BUT I know I wouldn’t be so without Ed’s MOTs and repairs. My wife also pops in when needed and speaks highly of Francois.

John Pearce
Client at Mansfield Clinic

Jonna is amazing !!

“Jonna is amazing, I have always responded really well to her treatment and have always felt comfortable in her care. I originally saw Jonna after a fall from my horse, suffering a twisted pelvice and in recent times when a physio failed to put me right after a post run knee complaint. The receptionists are both welcoming and friendly, I cannot recommend this clinic enough.”

Lesley Morris
Client at Sherwood Clinic

I am completely pain free, and have been so since I started to have chiropractic treatment

Some 20 years ago I developed back pain which gradually worsened without treatment. The discomfort was initially in my left foot(!) so going to see my GP was a waste of time as he didn’t know what it was. He told me to buy a new pair of shoes! The pain became more acute as it manifested itself in my left leg and lower back, and I reached the pain barrier when I could no longer sit down. I would use my garden kneeler at my work desk and at the dinner table in preference to a chair. Sneezing was a nightmare as the pain would ricochet through my body to the point of collapse.

Fortunately I had a work colleague who told me about Sheffield Chiropractic Clinic which truly was my salvation. The journey there for my first appointment was agony as I had to kneel on my seat in the car as my wife drove – I simply couldn’t sit down. Initially I needed 2 treatments a week but these very soon became weekly as my back improved and the pain diminished, then monthly until there were longer intervals between treatments.

I now visit my chiropractor for a regular maintenance treatment every 3 months. (It’s just like having a regular check-up at the dentist’s or optician’s.) I am completely pain free, and have been so since I started to have chiropractic treatment all those years ago. Being able to do what I like has a huge impact on my mood and sense of well-being whether I am gardening , working on my allotment or walking. I can easily walk 10 – 15 miles in a day, and run if I need to catch something blown away by the wind! And, of course, I can sit down!

Mike Donaldson
Client at Sheffield Clinic 

Our sessions are always a pleasure!!

“Without Ulrik I would not be able to run the half marathons I do. His expertise is second to none. I am one of the “older” brigade that needs his regular “servicing” to keep him going!! Our sessions are always a pleasure!!”

Mark Flint
Client at Mansfield Clinic

 I will forever be grateful to Paul for helping me get my life back.

“I first tried the clinic in November after having a trapped sciatic nerve for 4 months. After getting took to hospital and told that “you will have this pain fever so get used to it”, I have never felt more down and fed up before. I don’t know what made me look into chiropractors but I’m so so glad I did. I rang up and got an appointment the next day with Paul. I near enough crawled into my first appointment. After talking to paul he knew exactly what was wrong and told me what he could do and how he could help me. After 2 sessions I went from hardly being able to move to being able to start to function normally again. I’ve just had my 6th session today and other than the odd twinge if I move too fast I am pain free. I cannot recommend people enough to visit this clinic. I will forever be grateful to Paul for helping me get my life back.”

Michelle Burke
Client at Sherwood Clinic

I recommended the Sheffield Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who’ll listen

What an amazing experience! From the reception staff through to the clinical staff, nothing is too much trouble. This place has literally changed my life. Following a back injury and serious damage which was missed by other professionals, Dave Strutt not only got me moving again but also immediately identified the underlying problem and got me straight into the correct treatment pathway. In under 6 months I’d had scans, consultations, pre op, op, post op and a full recovery all overseen by Dave. Although my case was unusual it highlights even more so just how skilled he is! I can now walk & am back racing again (all within a year!!). I recommended the Sheffield Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who’ll listen

Matt P
Client at Sheffield Clinic 

 it was one of the best things I have done for a long time

“I was highly recommended this clinic by a friend, and decided to give it a go; it was one of the best things I have done for a long time, I wish I had heard about it before. Ed has worked wonders on my wonky knee, which is much improved after many years of chronic pain, due to past injuries.I am persevering with the exercises, which also help. I keep telling people to give it a try”

Jane Freeman
Client at Mansfield Clinic

The team at the Sheffield Clinic has treated our family over the course of about 15 years

The team at the Sheffield Clinic has treated all our family over the course of about 15 years and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Not only are the chiropractors brilliant, knowledgeable and empathetic, but the admin staff are friendly, caring and will go out of their way to try to find convenient appointments and get you seen even if it is not with your regular chiropractor (it makes no difference as they are all great). My husband’s lower back pain was crippling at one point and he couldn’t work; Jo identified and treated a bulging disc and he has since been able to manage and reduce his problems 90% of the time – the other 10% is due to lifestyle which can’t be helped! Dave worked out that my elder daughter’s problems with her knees during swimming training, were in fact being caused by issues in other areas. She now has a regular exercise plan that is helping to reduce her knee pain and strengthen the correct muscles. I have always struggled with migraines and headaches due to tight/sore back/neck muscles and whenever I feel “jammed up” I book in to see mainly Paul Q and Paul W and that does the trick. The main reason for writing the review is the exceptional treatment we receive for my youngest daughter (age 11) who suffers from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which causes her chronic pain (mainly in her back, neck and legs), fatigue and muscle spasm. Paul Q and Paul W have been brilliant with her – we brought her a couple of years ago before she had a proper diagnosis for her condition. They have always been kind, friendly, reassuring and clearly explained her treatment to her in simple terms, which helps her feel calm and positive about coming. We bring her regularly to help manage her pain levels and improve her quality of life. It is a shame the NHS can’t offer this sort of treatment to other children with this condition; I don’t know where we would be without this help. Big thanks to everyone here.

Antonia Pringle
Client at Sheffield Clinic 

Great treatment – always on time

“Great treatment both with chiropractic and sports massage. Always on time and welcomed by reception, I will continue to use in the future.”

Mark Alvey
Client at Mansfield Clinic

Fantastic Clinic & Chiropractors. Highly Recommended.

Working off a PC for many hours often causes problems with my back and also produces headaches / eye problems. Ulrik (chiropractor) has been able to stop my blurred vision & headaches through chiropractic treatment. Thank you for all your help Ulrik. I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic.

Cat Wilson
Client at Sheffield Clinic

Can’t rate this clinic highly enough.

“Can’t rate this clinic highly enough. After years of having injections at my GP’s to mask my shoulder pain, I found this clinic and saw Ulrik Sandstrom. He immediately identified the underlying issue and root cause of my pain. Within a few treatments it was completely gone. All of the staff here are friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend.”

Melanie Watts
Client at Sheffield Clinic

Thank you.

When the chiropractor opened his office door I stood there leaning over to one side in so much discomfort. I could hardly get in out of the car.
It was like a scene from a movie as i walked out standing straight and much less discomfort. It took 5,6 sessions to sort out as my lower back was in a state. But since then it’s been great. Thank you!

Joann Hardiman
Client at Sheffield Clinic

What a difference!

“Just wanted to let you know about Sheffield Chiropractic Clinic-what a difference they have made over the past four months. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk properly because of back pain and sciatica and was already seeing a NHS physio. I have improved much quicker by seeing Dave the Chiropractor, I can now get out and look forward to returning to work in due course, something I thought might never happen.
Contact them you won’t regret it!”

Sharon Dale
Client at Sheffield Clinic

amazing practitioners – Highly recommended

“If it wasn’t for the amazing practitioners at Sheffield Chiropractic I wouldn’t be pain free and mobile! After a series of accidents and back problems and years of failed treatment elsewhere I found these guys and I have to say, they are utterly amazing, very professional, very kind and know exactly what they are doing. They have literally turned my life around with the quality of care and treatment I have received. Highly recommended”

Victoria Imeson
Client at Sheffield Clinic

Paul was my life saver.

After snapping my cruciate ligament in a skiing accident, Paul was my life saver. From surgery to full recovery, Paul has been amazing. I had little joy with the NHS physiotherapy treatment and this is when I was recommended to Paul. I have subsequently had treatment from Paul for Tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis and sports massages. I cannot thank or recommend him, highly enough.

Fiona Pateman
Client at Sheffield Clinic

Can’t recommend massage therapy with Paul highly enough

“Can’t recommend massage therapy with Paul highly enough . I have had numerous appointments over the years after suffering from RSI during work related duties . I can genuinely say he has very quickly diagnosed and supplied very immediate and specific treatment including comprehensive after care advice and/or excerises. All carried out with discretion, understanding and a very personable professional manner. Keep up the excellent work!”

Matteo Bragazzi
Client at Sheffield Clinic