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Top tips for preventing back pain

  1. Keep fit. Regular exercise helps maintain mobility and strength, but only if it’s done without pain! Walking, swimming and cycling are all excellent exercises.
  2. Warm up. Whether you are doing sports are gardening or DIY’ing, you need to warm your muscles first. A brisk walk and some gentle stretching first could prevent that painful muscle pull.
  3. Cool down. Stretching out after exercise or physical activity is just as important as warming up. Do it gently without pain, and don’t ‘bounce’ – just stretch and hold.
  4. Listen to your back – Pain is a warning sign. If what you are doing hurts – STOP. Don’t try to push through the pain.
  5. Rest on a firm, but supportive bed. Beds can be too hard! It should be firm enough, so that it doesn’t sag in the middle, but it should still give enough to let your shoulders and hips sink in slightly.
  6. Don’t stoop and twist. This is the most common cause of back injuries even without lifting anything! Picking a briefcase/shopping out of the boot of the car is a classic.
  7. Don’t sit for too long. Whether at work or in the car, prolonged sitting causes load on the discs and weakness of the muscles. Get up and move about every 30-40 minutes – even if it’s only for a minute.
  8. Be careful with medication – Long term anti-inflammatory drugs such as Nurofen/Brufen or Voltarol/Diclofenac can cause stomach problems such as ulcers, and they still only mask the problem.
  9. Never sleep on your stomach. It doesn’t do your back or indeed your neck any good at all!
  10. See your Chiropractor – if you are suffering a long term problem. Whether it is “niggly” or disabling – we can usually give you marked relief and improved quality of life, as well as decreasing the likelihood of a recurrence.